How to Find The Best Thrift Stores Near Me

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Thrift stores make an ideal place to find all sorts of items at a discount. For those on a budget, a thrift store can be a great place to decorate the home without spending a lot of money, get access to kitchen things they need like pots and even find a cat carrier for their favorite pet. A fabulous thrift store can help you make sure the kids have the clothing they need for each school season from the hot weather to the icy winds of winter. Many people have been delighted at coming across incredible bargains on clothing in a store that looks nearly brand new, boots that they know will get them through any winter storm and even books and children’s games for a fraction of the retail price that can make great stocking stuffers during the holidays. Finding the right thrift stores to get real bargains can be a bit of an art form. The really great thrift stores offer places you can turn to again and again to get wonderful items at greatly reduced cost. There are a few techniques you can use to locate the best thrift stores near you as well as the ones that are slightly further out of the way but still well worth a look.

The Stores That Are Worth It
In some cities, thrift stores are everywhere. In others, they can be quite uncommon. You want to find the store that will help you get what you want when you want it at a price you afford. You also want determine which stores will yield treasures and which ones may not be worth a look. Be aware that you may not always find bargains each time you go to a thrift store. Sometimes, even the most promising places have nothing at a given moment. However, there are stores that tend to have bargains nearly every time you stop there. You want to be in the right place at the right time. Remember, the same thing is true of any given trip to your local mall. Keep in mind that one of the great things about a thrift store is that the store makes a wonderful place to begin. If you’re looking for a new fall wardrobe for your growing sons, a thrift store can be the place to start before you do anything else. You should also keep in mind some things you might in the back of your head as you need them all the time such as towels and shoes. If you see them, you can grab them.

Thinking Like a Thrift Store Owner
One of the best ways to start any search for those ideal thrift stores is with a visit to a site that will give you home prices. Yes, home prices. You need to know the entire area that you live in, particularly where the upscale neighborhoods lie. You want to find clusters of housing prices that are a bit higher than normal within a reasonable driving distance of say under an hour. Many high end earners have a few things in common. One is that they often buy high end items, especially for their kids. But, as thrift store owners know, even high end items may eventually outlive their purpose. People redecorate all the time. A couch may look fabulous one day and dated the next. This is where thrift stores come in with trucks to collect things. Kids outgrow clothing quickly. Rather than simply throw their clothing out, many people choose to donate it. They get a tax write off and the thrift store gets items they know will sell quickly. You can get a bargain along the way.

The Center of Your Search
You want to center your search in the cluster of homes where you see those higher than average home values. So once you’ve located the affluent area, you can use that knowledge to create your best possible search. Use an address from here and then put it into Google with the words thrift stores near it. This should yield several possible leads. In some cases, you’ll be surprised at just how many leads show up. You can use this as a starting point to look up the shops that appeal to you. Some will even have online sites showing off items for sale or those that have already sold in the past. Bear in mind that some of the prices at such stores in upscale neighborhoods can be more expensive than you might find in your local area thrift store. However, the quality will often more than make up for it. A cashmere sweat that lasts for years and makes you feel happy can be just as good a bargain as a slightly less expensive sweater from another store. Such stores are also often a wonderful way to find holiday items such as Halloween costumes or decorations for the exterior of your home.

Other Types of Shops
You might see the words consignment shop during your search. Consignment shops are like thrift stores but a little bit pricier. For a share of the proceeds, the consignment shop will sell the item. Still, you can often find products at a greatly reduced price this way as well. You might also see shops that are only open during a given time frame. This is common when you are looking at thrift shops located in houses of worship. These will often be only open on a Saturday or perhaps a few hours a week. Do not neglect these leads. Thrift stores in churches and other houses of worship often have large bargains. While they may not have the same kind of variety you can find in some of the larger stores, they can be more open to bargaining.