Amex EveryDay Credit Card Review

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The American Express Amex Everyday Credit Card has some less than exhilarating rewards, but might be a good choice for some folks with specific banking needs. Arguably, it’s best feature is the $0 annual fee. It is the only such card that also gives customers travel-friendly rewards for membership. If you’ve heard of this card before and walked away, this might be a good time to reconsider because they’ve added some very competitive balance transfer benefits. So, here’s a second look at an unusual credit card, that just might be right for you now that they’ve added some much-needed improvements.

Amex Everyday Benefits

  • You’ll earn 2 Membership Rewards points for each dollar you spend at supermarkets in the United States up to $6000 per year.
  • Enjoy a 20% bonus each billing period during which you use your Amex Everyday card no less than 20 times.
  • Earn 2 Membership Rewards points for every dollar spent on eligible travel expenses booked via the AmexTravel website.
  • Earn 1 point on all other purchases.
  • New cardholders will be offered the chance to earn 10,000 rewards points after making $1000 in purchases using the card.

With its decent no-fee rewards that primarily benefit grocery shoppers, this card is well suited to busy parents, people running a household, and those who do a lot of shopping and have regular expenses that are of a somewhat domestic nature.

The double points at US grocery stores, up to $6,000 a year make the target demographic pretty clear. Compared to other reward cards, it offers an attractive rewards rate which is clearly meant to be competitive with cards offering as much as 6% cash back for shopping at supermarkets in the U.S. and 2% on all other purchases.

If you don’t spend money at supermarkets frequently, then this card probably isn’t for you. Unless you’re shopping for a family, you would probably be better served with another rewards card or a cashback card. Also, if you intend to perform a balance transfer or finance large purchases, there are other cards with a long 0% intro period which could still be worth your while.

But don’t underestimate the benefits.

If you’re feeding a whole troupe of soccer kids, and have to load up the minivan with several hundred dollars worth of groceries every month- this is definitely the card for you. If you’re looking to buy a home and need to build up your credit to qualify for a loan, this card can do wonders for you. You get all the benefits of double rewards while grocery shopping, and you should be ready to stop renting within a year- if your credit is good enough to qualify.

It used to be that the biggest drawback was having to pay the annual fee each year- which is something that catches a lot of unwary cardholders by surprise. But now that the annual fee is a thing of the past, a lot more people are going to be taking an interest in this card.