United MileagePlus Explorer Credit Card Review

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You travel from the ends of the Earth and back again, so it seems. Perhaps, you should consider a credit card that rewards you for such frequency in air miles. The United MileagePlus Explorer card may be the right choice if you are looking for financial benefits coupled with a few perks at the airport.

Benefits of the MileagePlus Card

There is no annual fee for United’s credit card during the first year. This benefit is against other cards in its class that charge upwards of $75 annually for maintenance from the moment that the consumer signs on as a customer. This card also offers the perk of you and one passenger having the first backed checked compliments of United. Only the person who travels frequently throughout the year understands the true value in this feature. You can essentially bring more on your trip than you anticipated with the first bag being free. United gives you two MileagePlus miles per dollar spent on tickets that you purchase with them. You get one MileagePlus mile when you use the card to purchase tickets with other carriers.

It is no secret that United wants those who travel often to choose their product. Such is the reason why the airline offers 40,000 bonus miles to those who spend at least $2,000 on purchases in the first three months of opening their accounts. Imagine being rewarded abundantly for buying tickets to get from one destination to the next. Such is the case when you sign up for the United MileagePlus Explorer card and buy at least four roundtrip tickets during the first 90 days.

Disadvantages of the MileagePlus Explorer Card

The mere fact that there is an annual fee attached to United’s credit card is a turnoff for some consumers. You can expect to pay a whopping $95 per year if you keep the MileagePlus card beyond its one-year introductory term. You are essentially paying the finance company an additional $7.92 to be a cardholder. Aren’t you giving them enough via interest rates and other fees?

Also, the MileagePlus card does not give you many options when it comes to redeeming all those mileage points you’ve earned over the year. In fact, you are limited to award flights and seat upgrades on United and its Star Alliance partners’ flights only. Considering that there are some frequent flyer credit cards offering everything from electronics to gift cards as ways to redeem points, the options available to you via the MileagePlus card do not seem all that significant.

Who should get the United MileagePlus Explorer Card?

First, it should be noted that frequent flyer credit cards are best suited for those who travel via airplane often. You may not find much value in the United MileagePlus card if you are a road hog or do not get out of the country much. Also, the card may not be the ideal choice if you travel a lot and look forward to spending your points on things that do not have to do with upgraded seats and discounts on tickets. The United MileagePlus Explorer card is the best option for business professionals who prefer rewards that contribute to lower cost for airplane tickets.